Simple Doll Clothes Using Elastic

The items on this page are easy to sew, beginning with the blouse below Simplicity 7083:


No sleeves to set in. No neck facings or collar to mess with. What makes this blouse simple is the use of elastic that is threaded through a small casing (stitched down hem) around the neck and shoulders. For years I used a safety-pin to thread elastic into pajamas or other sewing projects until recently I discovered a small tool called a “bodkin” (see below).

bodkinA bodkin is found at most stores that carry sewing notions. Look at the bodkin on the left inside the package. Focus on the ring toward the top. If you slide that ring down, the top of the bodkin opens up and becomes a mini-clamp. You grab one end of elastic with this mini-clamp and then scoot that tiny ring back up. You’ll be surprised at what a tight grasp the bodkin now has on the piece of elastic. You can now thread the other end of the bodkin through the casing in a couple of minutes.

I like to find fabric that is one color with a small design so that the finished item can be worn with a separate that is a plaid, stripes or print. I love this delicate blouse fabric so much; can you see the tiny flowers? I may need to make a blouse for ME with this fabric.

The photo below features a simple skirt that also uses elastic.


This skirt is less flattering than a fitted skirt with a waistband, but it’s a perfect skirt for a child or any beginning seamstress. This skirt is made from a rectangle that measures 16 x 5-1/2 (or 8 x 5-1/2 on the fold). After serging all four edges of the fabric, it took me less than an hour to complete the skirt. Using the bodkin makes it possible to thread the elastic through the waist casing in less than five minutes.

Kudos to Sophia for making such cute shoes. I had planned to give a mention to each doll shoes seller that I use, but I now have a huge box of beautiful doll shoes. I think I lost track awhile back.

DO_Swirly Leaf

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