Vintage in Lavender

My original plan was to make doll clothes that mimic current fashion for little girls. I had little interest in old-fashioned dresses that (to me) look like prairie dresses. I’d wanted to focus on separates, and I especially wanted my doll clothes to be chic and trendy.

I have discovered that some current fashion does not suit an 18-inch doll’s body because American Girl and Madame Alexander have a shape that is boxy. I’ve always preferred these dolls over “Barbie” probably because I was just outgrowing (phase one of) my dolls when Barbie arrived upon the scene. I want a flat chest on my doll. I prefer a boyish figure for my doll.

I have found one characteristic of the 18-inch doll that creates a challenge for dressing her. This doll has a chunky/boxy back from the waist to the butt. She has no small of the back. Pants and skirts and clothes that reveal this boxy shape aren’t that fun for me to make. This is one reason that I prefer making dresses for American Girl.

Also, I love vintage clothes, particularly from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. The follow is a Heritage Doll Fashion that is sold by Pixie Faire.


As much as I like this dress pattern, the polka dot trims don’t stand out as much as I would like because the floral fabric is busy. Yet this same floral fabric warms my heart; it reminds me of a house dress my mother wore when I was a child. Here’s another view of the dress that shows a slightly better view of the waist placket.


This dress pattern is fairly straight-forward to follow. The biggest challenge is getting all the seams the same size (1/4 inch) so that the collar, sleeve cuffs, pocket trim, and plackets look perfectly even. I did not choose to use the front placket or the tied bow in the back of the dress.

I did not follow the directions for the side plackets or the pocket trims. I chose my method. Instead of pressing a 1/4-inch hem on every side of the placket, I cut two plackets (four all together) and sewed them right sides together, leaving a small opening so that I could turn the plackets right side out and press. My method is more accurate and neater (and therefore easier).

I enjoyed using this Heritage pattern. I also made another Heritage pattern that I call Vintage Blue and Beige.

I’m using my favorite doll jeweler called 2SistersSewCrafty at Etsy.


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5 thoughts on “Vintage in Lavender

  1. Your dress is wonderful! You must have the same perfectionist tendencies I do (a blessing and a curse) about the polka dots. The collar and arm bands show well, but I see what you are saying about the pockets. Perhaps they might stand out more if the section of belt in the front was also polka dot fabric? Just a thought. Enjoy reading your blog.

    • As much as I love this dress, the fabric print is busier than what I’d normally use. I should have used a dark, plain fabric for the trim. Or better yet, I should have chosen a different fabric all together for this dress (or I should have chosen a different pattern for this fabric). I think the belt you’re talking about isn’t a full belt. There are plackets with buttons on each side of the waist. A skirt with a plain out of this fabric print with a plain top might work, or perhaps a pair of shorts made from this busy print. Yes, I try to get things perfect. I should know better. You get what I’m saying, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this adorable dress! I think the polka dots look great 🙂 I’ve never made a dress like this either but I’m thinking I might just have to now that I’ve seen yours. I did make a couple of matching dresses for my Australian Girl Bell and American Girl Julie but I haven’t posted them on my blog yet… better get around to it LOL

I love getting feedback. Yippee!

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