Simple Dress in Two Versions

This is a Heritage dress that I made in two versions:


This dress is so simple that the actual sewing time is probably an hour or so. A hem done by hand takes another 30 minutes; it’s the ironing that is time-consuming. The bias tape for the arm holes and the draw strings take a while to iron.

This pattern can be found at Pixie Faire, but this dress probably doesn’t need a pattern. I purchased it awhile back when I wanted to see how doll clothes designers were writing up their patterns. I am a bit surprised that the pattern says nothing about the final ribbon that is used to add both shape and trim. I hooked the ribbons together with a tiny bit of Velcro but I think I’ll re-do the ribbons with snaps or a hook-and-eye.

This pattern is a wise choice for a beginner, adult or child. Naturally, I love the fabric for each of these dresses.

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