Plaid Sheath Dress

Although I have a fondness for creating vintage-inspired dresses, I also like to style my dolls in modern clothes. The fit of doll clothes is of utmost importance. Too large means “this looks homemade.” There is nothing chic about what I call the “prairie dress.” You can see one of my first attempts at following a pattern for the 18-inch doll here. 

I have discovered since I first got my feet wet at sewing doll clothes of this size that I had to alter at least half the patterns to get the effect that I desire. The dress that Julie wears below, the Sheath Dress by Liberty Jane, is a great example of a perfect fit. I love this dress!


Styling this dress is another matter because I did not want to cover the bodice section of the garment. I added a simple infinity scarf from McCall’s 6804. Next time, I’ll make the scarf longer; this one cuts off the neck.

Trying to dress Julie like a little girl or teenager is a challenge. Her legs are very short between her knee and her waist, which means that a hem above the knee practically meets Julie’s underwear. She must be careful when getting out of her car that the paparazzi don’t see her dress ride up. Her opaque stockings keep her classy; and they create contrast for these beautiful black boots that add richness to the plaid fabric.

You will not detect my side seams. I matched the horizontal lines of the plaid when I cut out my pattern pieces, and I basted front and back pieces together while keeping them pinned to avoid as much shifting as possible when I sewed them together. I still had to re-do a couple of sections that shifted. I also made sure that there is a nice vertical column traveling down the middle of the dress.

Here’s the dress without the infinity scarf. This design is plain but the shape of the top from the neck to the shoulders is chic.


Julie’s bracelet and earrings are from our favorite jeweler 2SistersSewCrafty.

Here’s a shot of the lining. Please note that I used velcro, instead of an invisible zipper. I plan to phase out my velcro eventually.


This white cotton lining is nice and soft. As I increase the use of serging to finish my edges, I will gradually use zippers and buttons for my closures.


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