Vintage Silhouette Dress

This Silhouette Dress, by Eden Ava Couture, was inspired by a 1956 dress by the Advance Pattern Company. I dressed my 1930s doll Kit in this dress because I think it looks more like a dress from the Depression Era.


The seams are difficult to see in this photo but the skirt has seven sections, making it almost circular, and giving this empire dress a beautiful shape. This is one of the few doll dresses I’ve made that has plenty of room for the back closure, but the roominess does not take away the shape.

The white pique collar is removable. I have a glorious stash of buttons, so I added these as an afterthought. The collar snaps in back.

I serged most of my seams. Unfortunately, most Velcro will snag the serged edges. Although I used Velcro here that is “snagless,” it still snags a bit. My goal is to use strictly zippers and buttons eventually. See the inside below:


A couple of comments about this pattern: I love it, and I will use it, over and over again. However, I think my dress turned out nicer than the dress on the pattern cover (see link above). Maybe I ironed mine better; maybe my choice of fabric was better. I added a row of top-stitching to the empire seam to make it lie flat. I also used a different sleeve pattern. I didn’t care for the way the pattern was cut, and I have several patterns for vintage dresses so I simply swapped the full sleeve out. I am happy with the results.

I almost always include a Beret with my vintage dresses. This Beret pattern is mine. This dress has the look of a 1930s dress when Berets were very popular (think of Bonnie Parker).

I added this bracelet from my favorite Etsy store, 2SistersSewCrafty, even though it’s a bit fancy for Kit.


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5 thoughts on “Vintage Silhouette Dress

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    • Thank you, Shawn. This dress has a lot of seams. The serger was a big help. I didn’t like this dress that much until I ironed all the seams. These dolls don’t have much shape. This Silhouette Dress is very flattering to American Girl dolls.

I love getting feedback. Yippee!

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