Vintage Green Print

For this dress I use another favorite piece of fabric, instead of saving it that elusive special day. No more saving. The holidays are approaching quickly, even though January 2014 was yesterday; wasn’t it?

Saige wears a dress that is perfect for a December party. Perhaps she’ll wear this to The Nutcracker Ballet. Who ever said that red wasn’t a great color for red-heads?

Because some of the flowers on this print are on the large size, I took care in where these flowers were placed. For instance, I tried to have roughly the same amount of flowers on each sleeve, instead of all green background on one sleeve and a huge flower on the other.


This “look” is a bit childish perhaps. I didn’t simulate Young Vogue or Seventeen as I usually try to do. My 10-inch Madame Alexander dolls come dressed like this, wearing several layers of gathers. I wanted to try something new that I might use for formal dresses and wedding gowns.

The obvious standout of this look is the polka dot slip that purposely shows underneath (it matches the sleeves and the collar); FYI, it has less gathers than the dress to cut down on extra bulk at the waist. The lace was simple to attach. I look forward to adding more undergarments to future doll clothes.

This basic dress begins with Simplicity 9381:


The version of the dress I made is on the right side with the shades of pink and green on top of a red slip. If you look closely, you can see that the dress hem has been pulled up on each side by gathers, and a bow is placed on top of each gather. My big problem with this pattern is that the placement of these two side gathers is too far from the center. The rendering of the dress on the envelope doesn’t match the real placement of these gathers. Therefore, my own gathers are difficult to see unless Saige is turned sideways. This type of gather creates permanent holes in the fabric so I wouldn’t want to move them. I ironed some interfacing to the back of the skirt to prevent the holes from getting larger.

The short sleeves of this pattern are actually too long and puffy for my taste. I prefer to stick with the short sleeves from my “vintage” patterns. I used the same sleeve pattern that I’ve used on my last two dresses. Using a sleeve from a different pattern is perfectly acceptable, as long as the armhole shapes on the bodice of each pattern are similar.

The slip and the skirt are perfect lengths but the bodice of S9381 is too large. I should have cut it smaller. Instead, I added this red belt to give it shape. I had to include one of my berets.


I added some single-folded bias tape to prevent raveling and to cover the rough edges of the gathers at the waist.


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2 thoughts on “Vintage Green Print

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  2. I love this look! The polka dot accents, matching the slip peeking out from underneath are adorable. I like the color combination, with the red beret and shoes. Just beautiful!

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