Silhouette Dress in Polka Dot

After wrestling with my last sewing project, I decided to choose a tried and true pattern for this blog entry. This is called “1950s Vintage Inspired Empire Silhouette Dress” that I first made on September 25, 2014. You can find the Eden Ava Couture pattern here. I love polka dots! I love anything vintage inspired.

DSC_0009This pattern is straight forward and fairly easy. I had some small challenges this second time around. I seemed to have stretched the skirt when I ironed it. I am always careful, but I was unable to attach the skirt to the bodice with the seams matching perfectly. I also think the lighter weight fabric that I used last time hangs slightly better.

I chose this yummy greenish blue polka dot print that I’d saved for a special occasion, until I said, “What am I waiting for?”  I have at least 30 favorite pieces of fabric. This color is both warm and cool at the same time. I’d thought it was green until I looked for matching buttons and shoes. I’m curious: What color do you see?

Fortunately, I was able to get some decent light through my large window and I took more pictures of this dress. My beautiful model’s features show much better than in the previous photo I had originally posted to this blog.


Edited: 12/12/2014 

wreath avatar.468

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4 thoughts on “Silhouette Dress in Polka Dot

  1. I see the color as aqua but however the color is interpreted, it’s a good choice for this doll’s coloring. I think the smaller puffy sleeves look cuter on dolls, too. Very pretty dress!

  2. This is so pretty. I have this pattern but haven’t tried it yet but you have inspired me to dig it out. The color looks like a teal blue to me. The picture is clear to me but it is so hard photographing inside in the winter. Cute dress really.

    • Hi, Mary. I changed the sleeve of this pattern both times I used it. I used a smaller puffy sleeve from a 30s vintage pattern. I’d started with a white dotted swiss fabric for the collar and sleeve cuffs. The fabric looked cheap and was not a god choice so i used my original collar and I added polka dot sleeve cuffs. I prefer contrasting cuffs.

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