Easy Plaid Jumper

I recently made an adorable 1950s inspired jumper. After finally finding the right blouse to go underneath it, I realized that this new blouse solved many past wardrobe issues. I’d been looking for the right blouse for a long time. I was in the mood to make another jumper and found one that I’d previously started. The construction of this Simplicity 7083 jumper is very easy.


This is a straight “shift,” the word we used to use for this simple construction. If I make this jumper again, I’ll line it but this pattern has a facing that covers both the neck and armhole areas. It basically lines the top third of the jumper.

The only complication to this jumper is the plaid design that makes it essential to intersect the horizontal lines perfectly at the side and back seams. When the pattern pieces are lined up perfectly, you shouldn’t notice the seams at all.

I love plaid fabric for doll clothes. But these rectangular patterns must be small, or they can’t be used for doll clothes. This fabric stretches and doesn’t keep its shape as it should, and it easily ravels. Because plaids that are small enough for dolls are limited, I take what I can get. I love the finished look, and our model has an outfit that goes with these adorable navy saddle shoes.



You can find us on Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Easy Plaid Jumper

    • Mary, I love doll shoes the way most women love shoes for themselves. I seem to have acquired a couple of boxes of shoes with nothing to wear with them. Somebody stop me from buying more doll shoes. LOL.

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