Marshmallowjane Gets a Haircut

This week Marshmallowjane went to The Cutting Room to get her hair cut and styled. Although she isn’t the most gorgeous model we have, she is the president of our organization. It is her sense of style and individuality that makes her a natural leader. Because she inspires others (she is often imitated), it was important for us to find her a qualified stylist.

The photo below shows Edith’s dedication to give Marshmallowjane a perfect cut; it was no surprise to hear Edith comment, “I must do a meticulous job. Her hair won’t grow back.”

marshmallowjane's first haircut by Edith at The Cutting Room

Here are “before” and “after” photos. What do you think?

Although Marshmallowjane enjoys adorning her long hair with crazy color, she wants a chic style to go with her new Derby (or bowler) hat.

before and after

I’d been planning on cutting Marshmallowjane’s hair for the last year or so. I have some “looks” that I want her to model that scream for a shoulder-length bob.

Warning: American Girl dolls are expensive. I think cutting a doll’s hair should take much thought and consideration. I’ve cut the hair of other dolls (Madame Alexander) with pretty good luck. These dolls are usually cheaper, and making a permanent change isn’t much of a risk. The newer Madame Alexander (18-inch) are sold with their hair in braids, pigtails, and other styles that kink or wrinkle the hair. I’ve purchased such dolls, thinking that I could somehow get rid of these permanent kinks myself. I’ve had a little luck, but I completely ruined one doll’s hair after watching a YouTube demonstration on how to carefully use an electric straightener.

I thought I was careful. I’d purchased the Madame Alexander doll because of her rare “Asian” features, even though straightening her hair was a gamble. Since I got bad results, I will have to find a wig to go with her pretty face. For now, she will have to take a back seat to my American Girl dolls.


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6 thoughts on “Marshmallowjane Gets a Haircut

  1. I love her new haircut! She looks like a real little girl now. This is definitely going to be a very versatile style – good decision!

  2. Great cut! There are several great wig sites out there for your oops AND MA now sells wigs on their site as some of their dolls have changeable hair. (Ok, they’re currently not listed but email them and ask. They may have limited supplies or be able to refer you to a host vendor).

    • Hi healthfulsave:

      Thank you. Six weeks ago when I was getting my hair cut I asked my stylist if she’d cut my doll’s hair, so I brought my doll this last time. I have cut the hair of my other dolls but they were all 18-inch Madame Alexander dolls and not as pricey. I wanted the doll’s hair to turn under slightly, and I didn’t think I could get that effect cutting it myself.

  3. I love MJ’s new “do”. It brings back memories of how I wore my hair when I was in college, and it shows off her pretty face.

    • Joan, even though I’m an adult, this is the doll I got to look like me. I got the closest hair and eye color that I could. I’ve worn my hair in a bob for many years. I also have some tricks up my sleeve. For instance, I’m going to do an “Annie Hall” look with this doll. My other AG dolls have long hair so this cut is fun! Actually, I have “Kit,” a girl/doll from the Depression Era, and her blonde hair is in a bob without bangs, and she is great fun to style.

      Thanks for the feedback!

I love getting feedback. Yippee!

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