My original goal was to make fashionable clothes for my granddaughter’s 18-inch dolls. Along the way, I’d hopefully find an easy way to make matching clothes for little girl and doll. I’ve searched the Internet to see what doll patterns are available. American Girl manufactures beautiful clothing and accessories for the 18-inch doll that are pricey. Butterick, McCalls and Simplicity carry some cute patterns, but I have something else in mind.

I want to create some doll clothes that are trendy, modern, creative, funky, maybe a bit freaky. Not sexy. These are little girl dolls that can become well-dressed. Why not? Although period costumes can be adorable, I think that little girls like to dress their dolls the way they dress themselves.

I find that ill-fitting doll garments look like prairie dresses. This look is fine for a little girl who is just learning to sew, but I strive for something different.

I’m a good seamstress, but making stylish doll clothes can be more difficult than it seems. This blog describes the lessons I learn while trying out various doll clothes patterns. Incidentally, some well-known pattern companies make doll clothes patterns that don’t fit all that well.

As I take the leap to design my own doll clothes, I gather ideas from the likes of Teen Vogue and Seventeen. My aim is to create “looks” so these dolls can walk the runway. Dolls. Fashion. Patterns. Little girls.

Welcome to my blog about doll fashion and sewing for dolls.


10 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Lisa. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I almost have 20,000 visitors, which means I’ve been consistent in sewing and writing. I’m thinking about returning to Facebook. I tended to waste a lot of time there, and I get irritated by things at FB that I shouldn’t let bother me. I follow you on Twitter. If you’re on Instagram and Pinterest, I follow you as well. I’m going to doublecheck.

  1. I miss you on Facebook, as well, Marsha. Glad to see you are doing okay. Been wondering how you were lately. (((HUGS)))

    • Hi Mary. Thanks for visiting me at my blog. I left FB for a few reasons. I’m tired of political posts of both sides and I couldn’t handle seeing so many posts about mistreated dogs and cats, posted by well-meaning people. Unfortunately, the people who need that message don’t pay attention. There were some family things that I need to avoid. I’d get my feelings hurt when no one responded to my posts. I don’t think FB brings out my best qualities; plus I need to focus on my doll stuff. I’m at both Twitter and Pinterest. I think about returning to FB but I probably won’t. I wish we lived closer because I need a local scrapbook buddy. I have plenty of supplies but I haven’t done a thing since I moved to Tracy. I have no pages for my youngest grandchild who is five. Scrapbooking takes a back seat to sewing.

      • I had to rack my brain to remember what your blog name was lol. If you decide to come back to FB, just be more selective in who you friend, less drama that way. I’m sure I’m not the only one that misses your posts. I don’t like loosing touch with an old friend. We aren’t that far actually….a little scrap time would be good. You have my email, don’t be a stranger. Hugs

  2. Hi Jane! I just discovered your site last night and have been reading more of it today. It’s exciting to find another grandma who learned to sew as a teenager but is “getting her feet wet” all over again in the 18 inch doll clothes arena. I’ve run into many of the same problems with purchased patterns and appreciate hearing what you’ve learned in the process. I wondered if I should “make a muslin” for every new pattern I try. Is that what you do?
    Thanks for your blog and the many helpful tips you’ve shared. Looking forward to following your sewing and designing adventures.

    • Hi Linda. I don’t use muslin all the time. I didn’t want to waste the wool on the hat. I’ll also use muslin to get the fit just right so that I can re-use the pattern or a part of the pattern. What I’m doing this time around is working out the kinks or the details, taking my time to get things done in a way that I like. I’m big on fit with these doll clothes. The big baggy dresses look like prairie dresses. It isn’t easy to get the bodice to fit correctly. It almost has to be too tight to get a good fit. That last comment is me thinking out loud. It’s only true sometimes. I used to sew for the finished product. This time around I’m enjoying what I’m doing much more. I love dressing these dolls. Thanks for the visit and the feedback.

I love getting feedback. Yippee!

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