Play Dress in Seasonal Colors

It is common for me to alter an existing pattern and change it all together. In this case, I had a “look” in mind and I went through my patterns until I found something I could use. I begin here with Simplicity 1485. Knit fabric is recommended for View F, but I use woven fabric of cotton. I specifically want a play dress with a seam that is higher than an empire waist.


Because I didn’t use a knit, I can’t just hem the neckline, so I face it with a red bodice lining. View F has a simple short raglan sleeve which makes the doll’s shoulders look nice and wide, but I wanted long sleeves. After cutting out long polka dot sleeves, I place the hemmed shorter sleeves (that match the bodice) on top of the polka dot ones and attach them along the hemline. Then I sew both layers of sleeves to the bodice with right sides together.

The skirt is gathered with two additional strips added to the bottom, instead of the one strip in View F. The challenge is making the inside look neat and professional.

See View F in bottom row.

See View F in bottom row.

The most fun I had putting this dress together was choosing the fabric. I ordered the plaid fabric from Low Price Fabric online. It was originally meant for Christmas. It looked green and red in the photo, and I was disappointed until I found this fat quarter for the bodice at In Between Stitches in downtown Livermore.

I like to have plenty of small polka dot fabric on hand. I originally purchased this red and white fabric for doll bloomers and slips with lace at the hem. This fabric was a couple of dollars a yard at Wal-Mart, the only store that has fabric in my town! Boo-hoo. I seem to keep my fabric room well-stocked without a fabric store nearby. Here’s another view of our model Saige wearing the dress.


My plan was to get started early on Christmas outfits for my dolls. I keep forgetting that Thanksgiving is still ahead. Because the plaid fabric looks gold and red, instead of green and red, this dress can easily be worn to Thanksgiving dinner.

As I’ve previously mentioned, the Velcro for the back closure can easily catch on serger stitches, so I’ve been compromising when I use Velcro. In this case I serged the bottom seams. But to avoid the Velcro issue, I hand-stitched the edge of the skirt closure.


I love this color combo. You can look forward to seeing more of my brilliant holiday color combos in the near future.


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Easter Bunny Time

While looking for bunnies to display in my entryway during Easter season, I found several patterns that were freebies. In my search I realized that stuffed animals don’t have to be proportional or realistic. In fact, the more abstract they are, the cuter they may be. Here is my first attempt at creating bunnies:


Here is the original pattern. If you read Revoluzzza’s blog, you’ll find a link to several versions of these bunnies that her blog readers have sewn. Most of them use buttons for eyes. I thought these Googly Eyes would add some character.

The first version of Revoluzzza’s pattern had no legs or arms, and they are super cute, like tiny pillows. Stuffing the legs and arms on these bunnies was so time-consuming for me that I will probably make these without them in the future. The pattern without the arms and legs is perfect for a child or beginning sewer. If you want these bunnies for babies, they can have embroidered eyes and no accessories. for baby to chew.


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