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Easter Bunny Time

While looking for bunnies to display in my entryway during Easter season, I found several patterns that were freebies. In my search I realized that stuffed animals don’t have to be proportional or realistic. In fact, the more abstract they are, the cuter they may be. Here is my first attempt at creating bunnies:


Here is the original pattern. If you read Revoluzzza’s blog, you’ll find a link to several versions of these bunnies that her blog readers have sewn. Most of them use buttons for eyes. I thought these Googly Eyes would add some character.

The first version of Revoluzzza’s pattern had no legs or arms, and they are super cute, like tiny pillows. Stuffing the legs and arms on these bunnies was so time-consuming for me that I will probably make these without them in the future. The pattern without the arms and legs is perfect for a child or beginning sewer. If you want these bunnies for babies, they can have embroidered eyes and no accessories. for baby to chew.


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